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Expansion pack for Dark Dealings

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Now You Can Choose Your Overlord

This expansion pack for Dark Dealing features 9 Overlord characters for players to draft, bringing a whole new level of strategy and immersion to the game! Originally created as as add-on for the Kickstarter campaign. Included is:

  • 1x Bellatrixel Overlord Card
  • 1x Wulfred Overlord Card
  • 1x Samantha Overlord Card
  • 1x Mal the Magnifico Overlord Card
  • 1x Nutasha Overlord Card
  • 1x Xi Tau Overlord Card
  • 1x Sanki the Flame Overlord Card
  • 1x The Marred Overlord Card
  • 1x. Bleeding Knight Overlord Card
  • 1x Title Card

The Dark Dealings base game is required to play.

Status: Pre-orders are expected to ship mid-Summer.

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