Interactive Defenses & Flexible Defenses

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Interactive Defenses & Flexible Defenses

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Expansion pack for Dark Dealings.

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Two Expansions in One Pack

This expansion pack for Dark Dealing features the Flexible Defenses expansion AND the Interactive Defenses expansion created as stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign. The Flexible Defenses are perfect for new and experienced players alike. Each is flexible in their usage, allowing for more strategic decisions, as well as, some level of forgiveness for new players. The Interactive Defenses add a "take that!" element to the final phase of the game, making the game more interactive for groups who like that sort of thing. Included is:

  • 9x Flexible Defense cards
  • 9x Interactive Defense cards

The Dark Dealings base game is required to play.

Status: Pre-orders are expected to ship mid-Summer.

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