Chicken Caesar


Chicken Caesar

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3-6 Players, 90 Minutes
Area Control, Voting, Manipulation

Available New In Shrink and New Out of Shrink, both w/Expansions

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What is Chicken Caesar?

Chicken Caesar is an award winning game of manipulation for 3-6 players. As the heads of ancient roman chicken families, players gain and maintain areas of influence through negotiation and voting. There is no luck in Chicken Caesar. Players even vote on which chickens get fed to the fox. The game features a Suffragium marker that players pass after voting to either promote a Rooster to a higher office, or throw him to the fox. Players can also strategically demand bribes for their votes or even refuse to vote (pass) to gain a later advantage.

Versions for Sale

We recently came across a cache of Chicken Caesar in and out of shrink. Both of the below versions are NEW and unpunched. Both versions come with the Fowl Play expansion and Eggsclusive expansion for free!

New In Shrink + Expansions - SOLD OUT

Brand new copy of Chicken Caesar in shrink. Also included is the Fowl Play expansion in shrink (with rules sheet) and the Eggsclusive expansion in shrink.

New Out Of Shrink + Signed Rulebook + Expansions

Brand new copy of Chicken Caesar out of shrink with a signed rulebook. Also included is the Fowl Play expansion in shrink (with rules sheet) and the Eggsclusive expansion in shrink. These copies were opened during the Kickstarter to have their rulebooks signed. They are unpunched.

More About the Game

In Chicken Caesar, players represent aristocratic ancient Roman chicken families trying to create a legacy for their family name. Each family has several eligible roosters eager to jump into the world of politics, getting rich and creating a legacy by any means necessary.

Roosters gain renown for their families by occupying various political offices. Low-ranking officers don't yield much fame, but they hold both the purse strings and the power of the sword. A few roosters in the lower offices of Aedile and Praetor, together with the votes of a few well-paid (and temporary) allies, can clear a path to the luxury and recognition that come with the titles of Censor, Consul, and even Caesar.

Being Caesar isn't easy, though: fail to bribe and bargain to ensure the welfare of the whole coop and today's Caesar is tomorrow's Coq au Vin. Dead roosters don't earn any more points, but they do offer opportunities for their surviving relatives to exaggerate their accomplishments. All that matters, in the end, is history's judgment, and history can be rewritten.

Murder, betrayal, votes for cash, fragile alliances, and bloody vendettas will separate the legendary families from the forgotten ones in the struggle to become – and remain – Chicken Caesar!

Back In Stock?

Chicken Caesar has been out of print for some time now, but we recently and surprisingly came across a cache of copies sent from the fulfillment company. In this cache were four copies in shrink, and many copies out of shrink without rulebooks. Then, in another box were all of the rulebook, signed, as well as expansion packs. Glorious!

Quantities are super limited.