Dark Dealings 2nd Printing: What's New?

We've been wanting to reprint Dark Dealings for some time now. The Kickstarter allowed us to print around 3,500 copies with 3,000 of those going to backers. The rest of the games have sold quickly and we have only a small amount left at this point. There's a big opportunity for us to get this great game on many more tables, but we'll need some help.

The Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve expansion Kickstarter is coming soon and with it an opportunity for us to fund a second printing of Dark Dealings. We'll be offering the base game during the campaign and we're excited to share some small changes coming along with it. If you already own Dark Dealings, make sure to read the "I Already Own Dark Dealings, What Does This Mean For Me?" section below. Meanwhile, here are the changes...

  1. New "Normal" Mode: After hundreds of plays we have come to realize that first time players and more casual players really dig a demo variant we've been using. Basically, it's the same game but without the memory element (not being able to look at your drafted heroes) and player elimination (you can choose to let heroes through now, which allows for strategies not possible before, and the player who let's through the least, wins).
  2. New "Hardcore" Mode: Have no fear, the memory and player elimination pieces are still in the game! We've just moved them in the rulebook to a section called "Hardcore." So, if you love a challenge and want to spice things up a bit, or if you just want to play the way you've played before, "Hardcore" mode will be for you.
  3. Thicker Box Material: We are going to upgrade the box to the thicker stock we've used on Chicken Caesar, Mars Needs Mechanics, and Spires. During the first printing, we tried a slightly thinner stock appropriate for a small box, but after a small number of dishing issues, we decided to just go with the thicker stock. Now you can practically stand on the thing (you actually can, but please don't).
  4. Slightly Different Box Art: The current box has a bookend layout on both long sides, meaning a person can display the game vertically with a choice of either the brooding Dark Elf guy or badass Barbarian gal. While this is nice, we found that gamers wanted a way to display the game horizontally on its long side, so we're going to make that change. We did something similar for Spires and like how it turned out.

That's it! Just four things, all designed to make improvements on something based on feedback and our experience selling the game over the last year. Now, if you already own the game...

I Already Own Dark Dealings, What Does This Mean For Me?

It certainly doesn't mean that you need to buy it again or that your copy is obsolete. None of the changes we're making make this second printing worthy of a "Second Edition" title or anything like that. The small rulebook change will be available for free online, so if you want to print out the page and put it into your box, we'll have that ready for you. Everything else is the same. We're going to have a lot of new and exciting content for Dark Dealings during the expansion Kickstarter campaign and we hope you'll come join us!