New! Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve


We're proud to announce the first big expansion to Dark Dealings! Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve will take players underground as the dark lords of subterranean dungeons and fortresses. The heroes have not given up on finding them, sending their mightiest dwarves to chase you from your lair! You'll have to use your new goblin and troll-powered defenses to hold back the siege, or get evicted (again) - and let's be honest, moving is a pain.

This expansion contains 54 new cards including new pesky Dwarven Heroes with a cool new ability called "TOUGH", and Goblin and Troll themed defenses with tricks up their sleeves! Combine it with Dark Dealings for a new challenge.

Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve will be coming to Kickstarter in Q1-Q2. The date will be released soon, as well as, more information on the Kickstarter campaign.

This will be an expansion. The base game will be required to play.