Dark Dealings in Portuguese

Nevermore Games partners with RetroPunk Publicações to bring Dark Dealings to Portuguese audiences in Brazil.

September 16, 2016

Richmond, VA – Richmond based board game publisher, Nevermore Games, announced today that they have entered into a licensing agreement with Brazilian publisher RetroPunk Publicações to translate Dark Dealings into Portuguese. The RetroPunk Publicações version of the game will be available to Brazilian audiences sometime in Q4 2016 or Q1 2017.

About RetroPunk Publicações

Based in Paraná, Brazil, RetroPunk Publications translates and publishes various role playing game titles (Savage Worlds, Fiasco, etc.), as well as, develops and publishes many Brazilian-designed board and card games.

About Nevermore Games

Nevermore Games is the publisher of Chicken Caesar, Mars Needs Mechanics, and Dark Dealings. They are also launching a funding campaign on Kickstarter for Spires by TC Petty III in October, and plan to launch a large Dark Dealings expansion titled Dark Dealings: Dwarven Delve on Kickstarter Q1 2017.