Dark Dealings is a Gen Con Release!

Dark Dealings is officially a Gen Con release. This is a happy accident as we had originally planned a street release date of July 15, but now we're looking at preorders going out at about the same time as the convention. If you'll be at Gen Con, know this...

Quantities are super limited.


We will be selling everything we have of Dark Dealings at Gen Con that hasn't been ordered by a distributor. That's only a couple hundred copies. If you want to get a copy of Dark Dealings, this is a great chance and the deal is pretty good too!

$20 for the game.

$29 for the game and 3 expansion packs.

$5 for expansion packs individually.

Booth 2563 (Indie Game Alliance) is where the game will be for sale.


Help us make this an awesome Gen Con for Dark Dealings and spread the word to anyone you know going, on social media, etc. We have demo times and we'll also be featured in BGG's Hot Games Room Hyatt Cosmopolitan B.