New Game: Spires by TC Petty III

We're happy to announce plans to publish a new game by TC Petty III, Spires!

A King with a penchant for spires is asking his favorite builders – the players – to perk up his kingdom’s skyline. Players compete to build the tallest spires to receive the King’s favor, but his majesty has warned that the towers must not be taller than those on his royal palace.

Spires combines hand management, set collection, and trick-taking into a 25 minute game. Players compete for cards in different locales to try and build out their tableau.

Every player aims to fill their tableau with spires of each type but must be careful not to add more than 3 of any one type of card. Once the spire exceeds 4 cards, all card of that type become a penalty to their final score.

Competing for cards can be tricky, as rival builders can force you to take cards that push you over the 3-card limit. But not to worry! You can also win cards that allow you to discard or swap cards.

The player with the most points, including spires and bonuses (special cards, icon majorities, etc.) wins!

The classic nature of Spires will make it an instant success with fans of games like Arboretum, Parade, and more. We're planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign for Spires sometime after GenCon (August-September) of 2016. Spires plays 2-4 players in 20-30 minutes.

More details to come!
Keep in mind, all of the art above is prototype art.