Nevermore Games was founded in 2010 with one mission in mind: To build products that facilitate relationships and create memories. We believe games do just this. They get people of all types to sit at a table to enjoy and challenge each other. They help strengthen friendships and allow us to learn from one another. We are dedicated to creating games of quality, both mechanically and in production. We strive to craft games that are fun and challenging, with replay value that assures you can play them over and over again. We partner with vendors who use quality components because we understand that a good game should stand the test of time. We want to craft a legacy of good games to create a legacy of good memories.


We are passionate about making games that are fun, challenging, and have great replay value.



Reach out to us on Twitter, or through our form here.

Game submissions welcome.



We are not currently seeking submissions, but if you'd like to send us something we will take a look and get back to you with feedback. And hey, who knows, right?

If you want to submit a game for publication to Nevermore Games, we're happy to receive it. Note the following steps below. We follow this process strictly in order to keep submissions organized. If you submit in some other fashion, we will be grumpy.

  1. Send us an email containing the following:
    • Name of your game.
    • How many players it seats.
    • How long it takes to play.
    • How far along your game is, development wise.
  2. Attach your game's rules (or link via Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.).
  3. Link to a short video explanation of your game.
  4. Wait patiently. We'll contact you acknowledging that we received your email.

Email submissions to bryan[at]nevermoregames.com